The Agen player, Jamie-Jerry Taulagi, has lodged an appeal against the 10-week suspension imposed on him by an independent Disciplinary Committee following his sending off during his club’s Challenge Cup, Round of 16 match against Benetton Rugby on Saturday, 3 April 2021.

Taulagi was shown a red card by the referee, Christophe Ridley (England), in the 62nd minute of the match for tackling the Benetton Rugby centre, Marco Zanon, in a dangerous manner in contravention of Law 9.13.

The appeal will be heard by video conference tomorrow (Wednesday, 21 April) by an independent Appeal Committee comprising Sir James Dingemans (England), Chair, Leon Lloyd (England) and Yannick Jauzion (France).


Independent Appeal Committee
a) Following the decision(s) of an independent Disciplinary Committee and/or an independent Judicial Officer, all parties (the club, player(s), individuals and EPCR) have the right to appeal the decision(s).
b) The independent Appeal Committee is chosen by the Chairman of the independent Disciplinary Panel, Mike Hamlin.
c) Members of the independent Disciplinary Committee or the independent Judicial Officer who issued the decision(s) being challenged by the appeal may not sit on the independent Appeal Committee.
d) The full written decision of the Appeal Hearing will be made available on at a later date when it has been completed and issued to all parties.