An independent Diciplinary Committee has found Trevor Brennan guily of Misconduct.

Following a ruling by an independent Disciplinary Committee on Monday, 26 February that the Misconduct complaint against Toulouse player Trevor Brennan could go ahead in full, the Committee convened in London today (Friday, 16 March, 2007) to hear the Misconduct complaint arising from the Round 6 Heineken Cup Pool 5 match against Ulster Rugby at Stade Ernest Wallon on Sunday, 21 January.


The independent Disciplinary Committee was chaired by HHJ Jeff Blackett (England) and also comprised Rod McKenzie (Scotland) and Achille Reali (Italy).  The Committee, having heard testimony from a number of witnesses and reviewed documentary evidence, found Mr Brennan guilty of Misconduct under the Heineken Cup Disciplinary Rules in that he entered one of the seating areas in the stadium and repeatedly struck an Ulster spectator namely Mr Patrick Bamford.


It was the view of the Committee that Mr Brennan’s behaviour was completely unjustified and that he caused serious harm to an innocent spectator and significant damage to the image of Rugby Union.   The Committee could not envisage more serious Misconduct in relation to spectators and believed that the maximum permissible suspension was appropriate.


The Committee therefore imposed on Mr Brennan a lifetime suspension from playing Rugby Union and also imposed a lifetime ban on Mr Brennan from participating in any capacity in tournaments organised by ERC. 


Mr Brennan was also fined €25,000 and was ordered to pay €5,000 compensation to Mr Bamford and the costs of convening the hearing.


Mr Brennan elected not to attend the hearing.


Both parties have the right to appeal.


Independent Disciplinary Committee
a) The independent Disciplinary Committee is chosen by the Chairman of the independent Disciplinary Panel, Professor Lorne Crerar.
b) The ERC Disciplinary Officer, Roger O’Connor, presents the case against the player / club.
c) Both parties to the hearing (ERC and the player / Club) have the right to appeal decisions of the independent Disciplinary Committee. Appeals must be lodged within 72 hours of receiving the full written decision from the Chairman of the independent Disciplinary Committee