The following is a question and answer guide to the protocols that EPCR will continue to implement during the 2020/21 season. 

Q: How is EPCR made aware of COVID-19 test results undertaken by competing clubs?
A: Each club participating in the tournaments has appointed a COVID-19 manager whose duty it is to convey the results from each batch of tests and to provide the necessary detail if contact tracing is required.  

Q: What happens if a player and/or a member of a club’s staff tests positive for COVID-19?
A: Once EPCR is informed of a positive test or tests from one or both of the competing clubs in a match, Matchday Medical Risk Assessment Committee will be convened. The Committee will include members of EPCR’s Medical Advisory Group, as well as representatives of the competing clubs and their respective league bodies.  

Q: What is the role of the Matchday Medical Risk Assessment Committee?
A: The Committee will make a recommendation as to whether the match can be played safely or not. 

Q: What happens if a match cannot be played safely?
A: Initially, the match will be postponed and if possible, rescheduled. If it is decided that the match cannot be rescheduled, a Match Result Resolution Committee will be convened to determine the result of the match. 

Q: Are a certain number of positive tests for COVID-19 required for a match to be postponed or cancelled?
A: No. Each case will be risk-assessed on the basis of its particular circumstances by the Matchday Medical Risk Assessment Committee. 

Q: What happens if a match is cancelled due to circumstances which do not include a positive test or tests for COVID-19?
A: If a match cannot be played safely following, for example, the imposition of a lockdown, modified travel restrictions, or a breach of guidelines by one or both clubs competing in a match, then a Match Result Resolution Committee will be convened to determine the result.