Newcastle Falcons will be requested to answer a Misconduct Complaint in Dublin on Wednesday, 13 April, 2011, under the 2010 / 2011 Amlin Challenge Cup Disciplinary Rules relating to the Bourgoin v Newcastle Falcons Round 6 Amlin Challenge Cup Pool 3 match on Saturday 22 January, 2011, at Stade Pierre Rajon.

An investigation by ERC's Disciplinary Officer, Roger O’Connor, has found that Newcastle Falcons may have committed an act of misconduct in that the club refused and/or failed to participate in the match (on its rescheduled date, 23 January, or at all). More particularly, that the club departed Bourgoin on 23 January (a) before the 12.00 noon pitch inspection had been conducted, and (b) without the match having been played or postponed.

The Bourgoin v Newcastle Falcons Round 6, Pool 3 match was postponed due to an unplayable pitch and rescheduled for the following day. The match was not subsequently played.

The independent Disciplinary Committee appointed to hear the Misconduct Complaint will be chaired by Roger Morris (Wales) and will also comprise Robert Williams (Wales) and Mark McParland (Ireland).

Independent Disciplinary Committee
a) The independent Disciplinary Committee is chosen by the Chairman of the independent Disciplinary Panel, Professor Lorne Crerar.
b) The ERC Disciplinary Officer, Roger O'Connor, presents the case against the club.
c) Both parties to the hearing (ERC and the club) have the right to appeal decisions of the independent Disciplinary Committee. Appeals must be lodged within 72 hours of receiving the full written decision from the Chairman of the independent Disciplinary Committee.
d) The full written decision of the independent Disciplinary Committee will be available on when the disciplinary process is complete.