Jean-Jo Marmouyet, the Bayonne player (No 20) appeared before an independent Disciplinary Hearing in Dublin today…

… Thursday, 20 January, 2011), as a result of the red card he received during the Amlin Challenge Cup Pool 1 match against Connacht Rugby at Stade Jean Dauger on Saturday, 15 January, 2011.

The red card was issued in the 79thminute of the second half by referee Peter Allan (Scotland) for striking an opponent with the elbow in contravention of Law 10.4 (a).

The independent Judicial Officer Roger Morris (Wales) determined that Mr Marmouyet was guilty of foul play in contravention of Law 10.4(a) in that he had struck a Connacht Rugby player with his elbow in the upper chest area.

The Judicial Officer found that the offence was at the low end of the level of seriousness for an offence of this type and having taken into account Mr Marmouyet’s guilty plea, his good record and no aggravating factors, imposed a suspension of one (1) week.

Jean-Jo Marmouyet is suspended until and including 23 January, 2011.

Under the IRB Recommended Sanctions for Offences Committed within the Playing Enclosure, Law 10.4 (a) – Striking an opponent with the elbow carries the following penalties:
Low End: 2 weeks
Mid Range: 5 weeks
Top End: 9+ weeks
Maximum Sanction: 52 weeks


Augustin Costa Repetto, the Petrarca Rugby player (No 2), received a red card during the Amlin Challenge Cup Pool 2 match against Sale Sharks at Edgeley Park on Friday, 14 January, 2011, as a result of receiving two yellow cards.

An independent Judicial Officer, Roger Morris (Wales), considered the matter today (Thursday, 20 January) and has determined that the sending-off was a sufficient sanction. Mr Costa Repetto is free to play.

(i) Red Cards
a) The case of any player sent off in the Heineken Cup or Amlin Challenge Cup game shall be adjudicated by an independent Judicial Officer as soon as is practicable.
b) Until the hearing the player is ineligible to play in any tournament.

(ii) Independent Disciplinary Hearing
a) The independent Judicial Officer is chosen by the Chairman of the independent Disciplinary Panel, Professor Lorne Crerar.
b) Both parties to the hearing (ERC and the player) have the right to appeal decisions of the independent Disciplinary Hearing. Appeals must be lodged within 72 hours of receiving the full written decision of the independent Judicial Officer.
c) The full written decision of the independent Judicial Officer will be available on when the disciplinary process is complete.
d) For IRB recommended sanctions for offences committed within the playing enclosure, Law 10.4(a), go to