The draw for the semi-finals of the 2006/07 Heineken Cup will be made at Twickenham Stadium on 23 January, 2007. The six Pool winners and the two best runners-up will be being ranked 1-8.


Four points for a win, two points for a draw (match points). A bonus point will be earned by a team scoring four or more tries and by a team losing by seven or less points. The six Pool winners and two best placed runners-up will qualify for the quarter-finals and will be decided by the following criteria:
(i) the Pool winner will be the Club with the highest number of match points earned in each Pool. The runners-up will be the two second placed Clubs from all six Pools with the next highest number of points. For the quarter-final round, the Pool winners will be ranked 1 – 6 in terms of the number of points earned. The runners-up will be ranked 7 and 8.


(ii) if Clubs are equal on points and in the same Pool, then qualification / ranking will be based on the matches played between the Clubs concerned
(a) the Club which has earned the most number of match points from the matches
(b) the Club which has scored the most tries in the matches
(c) the Club with the best aggregate points difference from the matches


(iii) if still unresolved, or the teams have not played each other previously in the Pool stage, qualification / ranking will be based on:
(a) the number of tries scored in all Pool matches
(b) aggregate points difference from all Pool matches
(c) the Club with the fewest number of players sent off and / or suspended in all Pool
(d) toss of a coin