An independent Appeal Committee meeting in Dublin today (Wednesday, 3 January) has adjourned the appeal lodged by Munster on behalf of their player Alan Quinlan.

The independent Appeal Committee, chaired by Rod McKenzie (Scotland) and also comprising Matthew Lohn and Robert Horner (both England), adjourned the hearing to clarify certain issues raised by Munster as to the basis of their appeal.  The Independent Appeal Committee will reconvene in Dublin on Tuesday, 9 January 2007.


The appeal was against the six-week suspension imposed by an independent Disciplinary Committee on 20 December, 2006, following Mr Quinlan’s citing in the Round 4 Heineken Cup Pool 4 match against Cardiff Blues at Thomond Park on Saturday, 16 December.


An independent Disciplinary Committee, chaired by Christopher Quinlan (England) and also comprising Bruce Reece-Russel (England) and Iain Goodall (Scotland) had heard the citing lodged by the Citing Commissioner for the match, Alan Mansell (England). They found that Mr Quinlan had been in contravention of Law: 10.4 (b) – Stamping or trampling: A player must not stamp or trample on an opponent.