Rugby Calvisano have been fined by an Independent Disciplinary Committee for misconduct.

Rugby Calvisano have appeared before an independent Disciplinary Committee in Dublin to answer two complaints of misconduct brought against them by ERC relating to the twice postponed Round 5 Heineken Cup Pool 2 match between Rugby Calvisano and Leeds Tykes at Centro Sportivo San Michele, initially scheduled for Saturday 14 January, 2006.

The misconduct complaints lodged by the ERC Disciplinary Officer were for:

 i) failure to prepare a suitable venue for the match (Saturday, 14 January, 2006 at 14.00.)

ii) refusal to fulfil a rescheduled fixture when directed by ERC.

The independent Disciplinary Committee, chaired by Rod McKenzie (Scotland) and also comprising Francois Guers (France) found that:

Rugby Calvisano had failed to use best endeavours to ensure that its ground was fit for play on Saturday, 14 January, 2006 and that Rugby Calvisano had refused to co-operate in the fixing of a rescheduled date for the match following the postponed fixture not taking place on Sunday, 15 January.

In relation to the first charge a fine of €10,000 was imposed  on Rugby Calvisano who must also compensation to Leeds Tykes of €7,500 and in relation to the second charge a fine of €5,000 was imposed.

Both parties were advised of their right to appeal.