Bath coach Brian Ashton has pledged to take an “extra long walk” on Sunday to overcome the emotion of his sides epic win over Leicester…

Instead of watching the Biarritz v Sale game to find out who his side will meet in the semi-finals, Ashton vowed to stick to his Sunday routine on relaxing with a stroll in the countryside.

“I always go for a walk on a Sunday to get rid of the stresses and strains of the week – I’ll have to take a hell of a long walk to get over this game.” said Ashton

“I’m very relieved and I’m very satisfied and I was delighted at the heroism displayed by my players in the final 15 minutes.

“We were down to 13 men largely through our own mistakes and I thought the game was going to slip away from us.

“You won’t see greater heroics on a rugby field than you saw from the bath rugby players in those final frantic few minutes.

“Having got the game in our grip we made a horrific mistake 15 minutes from time when we failed to catch a Leicester drop out. It was as a direct result of that mistake that we lost our two players to the sin-bin.

“How we held out defies belief. On three or four occasions I thought they were going to score – and I still don’t know how they didn’t.